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Venom Foundation Launches Hackathon with $225K Prize Pool – Get Ready to Compete!

• Venom Foundation has teamed up with DoraHacks, Developer DAO and Hacken to launch a virtual hackathon.
• Participants will have five weeks to create decentralized applications for the Venom blockchain.
• A panel of judges will evaluate submissions by 10th June 2023, with the top 3 contestants receiving prizes from a $225,000 prize pool.

Venom Foundation Launches Hackathon With A $225,000 Prize Pool

The Venom Foundation has announced its first-ever virtual hackathon in partnership with DoraHacks, Developer DAO and Hacken. The event is scheduled to start on 8th May 2023 and registrations begin on 27th April 2023.

Testnet Launch

The hackathon follows the launch of Venom’s testnet earlier this week, which allows developers and users alike to test and debug dApps and blockchain protocols within the ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the testnet is to promote innovation and community building within the ecosystem.

Prizes & Judging Panel

Participants can submit their projects after the opening ceremony before 10th June 2023. Projects will be evaluated by a panel of judges including Peter Knez (Ex CIO Blackrock) and David Atkinson (co-founder Holochain). Christopher Louis Tsu (CTO of Venom Technology), who is also one of the judges said: “We’re thrilled to host this hackathon as it will be a catalyst for innovation within the Venom ecosystem.“ The top three contestants will receive prizes from a $225,000 prize pool.

Tracks For Projects

Developers can work on their projects based on three tracks—(i) Web3, NFTs and Gaming, (ii) DeFi, (iii) Tools and Infrastructure. Be it soulbound tokens, stablecoins or crypto wallets participants are allowed to explore their creativity over five weeks period.


With its first-ever virtual hackathon ,the Venom Foundation is creating an opportunity for developers to build upon its blockchain technology while also providing users with a firsthand experience of these dApps. The event aims at promoting innovation within its developer community while giving them an opportunity to win cash prizes from a large prize pool worth $225 000 .