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Tesla Adds Dogecoin & Bitcoin Payment Option: Will Prices Soar?

• Elon Musk recently hinted at the possibility of Tesla adding Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) payment feature.
• A Twitter user found references to BTC and DOGE in Tesla’s source code, which had been present since January 2021 when Tesla first added them.
• Despite this discovery, there has been no official announcement from Tesla about reintroducing cryptocurrency payments.

Elon Musk’s Tease Sparks Speculation

Recently, Elon Musk sent out a cryptic tweet that was enough to get the crypto world abuzz with speculations over whether Tesla was planning on reintroducing Bitcoin and Dogecoin as payment options. The tweet featured the Bitcoin and Dogecoin emojis along with the caption “🚀🌙”.

Code Discovery Revealed

Adding fuel to the fire, a Twitter user discovered something interesting in Tesla’s website source code – references to both Bitcoin and Dogecoin were found alongside other payment methods like Apple Pay and Bancontact. This discovery sparked excitement amongst enthusiasts who speculated that Tesla might be bringing back these crypto payment options soon.

Source Code Isn’t Recent Addition

However, closer examination of the source code revealed that contrary to what many hoped, the presence of Bitcoin and Dogecoin in the code was not a recent addition but rather these cryptocurrency payment options had been present since January 2021 when Tesla had initially added them. The source code had simply retained these references even after Tesla suspended BTC payments.

No Official Announcement Yet

Despite this discovery, there has been no official announcement from Tesla regarding their plans for reintroducing cryptocurrency payments yet. It remains to be seen if the company will indeed launch this feature across its cars worldwide or not.

Will Prices Increase?

If this new feature is launched successfully then it could potentially drive up prices for both Bitcoin and Dogecoin due to increased demand from those wishing to pay for their cars using cryptocurrencies instead of traditional fiat currencies like US Dollars or Euros. However, only time will tell if such an event will happen or not.