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IOTA 2.0 Launch: Lead Developer Shares Key Updates on IOTACore

• The IOTA team is rewriting the code of IOTACore, adopting a new organism-like code structure.
• This allows blocks to adapt their state by observing their environment and requires less debugging than before.
• Lead developer Hans Moog explains why this approach is necessary for better quality and maintainability of their codebase.

IOTA Rewriting Code of IOTACore

The IOTA team has decided to rewrite the code of IOTACore due to time-consuming debugging processes and bugs linked to legacy code. This new code structure resembles a living organism with interconnected blocks acting like “cells” that adapt their state by observing their surroundings. As the mainnet transition began, the development team focused on developments for IOTACore as its major priority over GoShimmer prototype.

Advantages of Rewriting Code From Scratch

By rewriting the entire code, the development team was able to work simultaneously and avoid further delays in debugging process each bug took several days to fix. Moreover, it enabled them to identify parts of algorithms for “optional optimization” which would be available in future updates.

Living Organism Model For Code Structure

Lead developer Hans Moog explained that instead of simply fixing bugs, they have adopted a model where blocks resemble a network of interconnected “cells” that automatically adapt their state or metadata by observing their surroundings. This enables information to spread through references in the tangle, helping establish consensus across nodes more efficiently than before.

Better Quality & Maintainability Through New Approach

Hans Moog highlighted the need for building a more efficient and sustainable approach towards software development by improving overall quality and maintainability of their codebase. He believes that if they manage to write error-free codes now, it will be beneficial in addressing root issues in long run without having to fix recurring bugs multiple times over again.

Key Update Ahead Of 2.0 Launch

The focus on developments for IOTACore as part of mainnet transition are leading up towards launch of version 2.0 which will bring along more enhancements such as optional optimization algorithms along with improved quality and maintainability features promised by lead developer Hans Moog ahead of its release date later this year