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Ethereum (ETH) Holds Strong as DigiToads ICO Keeps Growing

• The crypto market is always changing, but Ethereum (ETH) and DigiToads (TOADS) are still rising.
• DigiToads is a groundbreaking digital collectible crypto project that has raised over $4.55 million and sold over 296 million tokens in its presale stages.
• It offers players the opportunity to collect and nurture NFTs for a captivating DeFi experience.

Ethereum (ETH) Stability

The crypto market is unpredictable, with its ups and downs being the one constant feature all investors can rely on. Despite this volatility, Ethereum (ETH) continues to hold its position as one of the leading blockchain platforms in the industry.

DigiToads (TOADS) Presale

DigiToads is capturing the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike with an impressive fundraising milestone of over $4.5 million through its presale stages. TOADS is the primary token for the DigiToads network, with an asking price of $0.036 per TOADS token during Lilypad 7 – 8% bonus available when using “LILYPAD” promo code during purchase. Participants can acquire TOADS using BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, USDT, ADA, USDC, and UNI cryptocurrencies.

NFT Integration

DigiToads introduces a new era for non-fungible tokens (NFT), furthering their relevance in the DeFi world by merging them with P2E gaming experiences for players to own cool NFTs that can be traded, staked or used in battles for supremacy within the game itself.

Benefits for Investors

The presale is an excellent opportunity for investors to become early backers of this revolutionary DeFi project while taking advantage of bonuses available during purchase stages up until now – Lilypad 7 offering 8% bonus when using “LILYPAD” promo code during purchase..

Immersive Experience

This web3 game allows players to enter an immersive experience as they collect and nurture Toad NFTs – joining battles for supremacy of the swamp and dethrone frogs along their journey in search of greater rewards..