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Crypto and Blockchain Transforming Entertainment: From Poker to Production

• Blockchain technology is increasingly being used in the leisure and entertainment sectors to streamline TV and media production, as well as for online gambling.
• 90% of US and European businesses in the entertainment space are assessing their blockchain options.
• Investors like Parkpine Capital are investing heavily in blockchain-based startups, with Ahmed Shabana noting that crypto can “reinvent its business functions”.

Blockchain Use Cases In The Leisure & Entertainment Sector

Spectators in the finance and tech markets have long been asking when blockchain would enter the mainstream – and it looks like that time has come. With every passing week, new use cases for blockchain are appearing across various industries, ranging from poker to pharma.

90% Of US & European Companies Evaluating Blockchain Options

As reported by Forbes, 90% of US and European companies in the entertainment space are evaluating their blockchain options. This makes perfect sense given that three years ago 87 percent of businesses were already exploring blockchain applications.

Streamlining TV & Media Production With Blockchain

Digitalization has blurred processes and made it harder to control content when it comes to TV and media production – but this is where blockchain can help. By eliminating red tape associated with large projects, cast and crew members scattered across different locations can be better managed.

Crypto Poker: Doubling Down On Crypto Gambling

Cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream payment method in casinos all over the world, particularly in the United States. Crypto’s ability to reduce fees make it an ideal fit for this industry.

Investors Investing In Entertainment-Based Crypto Startups

Parkpine Capital is one example of an investor group investing heavily into crypto startups related to the entertainment industry. Founder Ahmed Shabana believes that thanks to cryptocurrency, “the movie and entertainment industry is poised to reinvent its business functions”.